Sunday, November 7, 2010

What a Weekend!!!

Yesterday my hubby took me out for supper. MMM yummy Calamari and strawberry Daqueri then I had grilled salmon and a loaded mashed potato with a side of apple cider was soooo yummy!!

Then when we got home I pulled out the stupid wedding sampler so from the bottom up to the first heart on the side all the stitching it right..there is some mistake again in the top I hope to find shortly...

hmm what else can I show you...oh I know I finished a little key chain its soooo cute...

Then I hung a couple pictures up..

They look great don't they!!

Here is an update of my Cirque too from my Wednesday stitching

Well after cleaning the house from top to bottom, decided to go out shopping at the dollarama and ended up going Christmas shopping for my dad in the same plaza so he is done for Christmas yeah. Well I think thats is for now. I have spent most of my evening tonight cleaning out my computer with pictures and trying to organize my cross stitch pictures so they have names and are in sequence then I will update my slide show on the web. What a big job!!

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  1. Your angels look perfect on the walls they're hung on - you couldn't have planned the colors better if you'd been the designer! Great work


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