Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ball of Mess

I must be out of my mind to go shopping today but thank God I am going to a place that I really don't think will be too busy. I love Lens Mills!!! Anyway we had Trina and Todd stop over last night after their shopping and we ended up watching deep blue. Well really they did I was busy trying to unsort a ball of mess for my crochet. I tell yah it is not fun!! But Trina had a lot of laughs at my expense last night watching me and also playing with my kitten and the laser. Man she is entertained easily hahaha So that is why I am heading to Lens Mills to buy a new ball of yarn that might actually not be a mess to work with. I love the fact that when I need a break from stitching I can do the granny squares they are easy and quick. Just wish I could get my tension proper oh well I'm sure that will come with time!!

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