Sunday, December 12, 2010

It looks white outside..

Man I hate Sundays don't you?? Well after not getting that good of sleep I was in a pretty awful mood today. My poor husband. You have to understand that when my husband has his family here I kind of feel ignored. I know sometimes he dosen't realize he is doing it but....really. Anyhow I am working on another box top and ended up making tie plates and cookies today. Watch my favourite Christmas movie "The Santa Claus" with Tim Allen and I guess fell asleep. Hubby made homemade lasagna with his yummy sauce.
Looks like we are finally getting the snow they were calling for I hope the drive to work is not a mess in the morning. I might have to drop off my brother-in-law and his girlfriend off at the train station on my way.
here a picture of some of the baking if you have an iron the recipe it is on my recipe blog.

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  1. Those look sooooo good! Happy start to the week!


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