Thursday, December 2, 2010

mmm I want Turtles...

Well last night was a total blast!! I ate to much, laughed to much and the night flew by in a blink of an eye. Here are some candids of the night.
 Martina (back left)
Irma (front left
Janet (back right)
Jayne (front right)
lol I think I caught Janye off guard

Trish (back) and Pennie

 Freda and Tara
Trina's yummy supper

my yummy supper
Janet made homemade Turtles for us we are spoiled!!!

Doris and Trina

Roma and Kerry
Irma didn't want a picture taken oops eye closed got to do it again!!
There it is
Freda and here beautiful shirt
Laura can't beat that smile!
Another Janet...
Dessert was all mine!!!!! No sharing for me I was little miss piggy but it was sooooo good!!!

So after supper...Trina should I go on...hahaha we hit a store on our way home and I'll leave it at that.
I was sad that we didn't actually stitch since I had missed last weeks stitch nite due to work. Sucks when it gets in the way!! 

Oh yeah found out before i left to go for supper I no longer had anything to wear that was nice for parties, I remedied that today. I used my grams Christmas money and went shopping at Reitmans after work. I got a few different outfits one for our work party on Sunday and one for next weeks exchange. I'll post pics if anyone can get a nice picture of me in the outfits. I totally was loving clothes shopping for once. I am not a clothes shopper I am a thing shopper does that make sense. basically anything that is not clothes I love to buy hahaha. Anyways hubby seemed to like what I bought. 
I was also able to finish up Christmas shopping for my friend who is getting surgery on the 15th. I hope everything goes well which I expect it will. Now its midnight and I have a second wind even though I know I should be off to bed because I am the worst to get up in the morning. I do want to stitch one thing to go along with my friend stuff so I think I will go kit it up and maybe get a start on it on my break tomorrow.....Its a Lizzie Kate so should be fairly fun and easy and quick to stitch up for her....

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