Monday, December 13, 2010

not a minute too late

Oh Boy what a morning I had. For those that know me I am NOT a morning person and somehow I got talked into dropping off my brother in law and his girlfriend at the train station in the first heavy snow mess this year. So there we were left the house at 8:20 am and it was stop -go-stop-go the whole way...for a trip that usually takes me maybe about 20 min tool me 1 hour. I got them to the train station I did, they stepped on board didn't even show there tickets and the doors closed and it left for Montreal. Talk about seconds.
Ok Monday is now over  onto Tuesday boy oh boy can't wait for stitch nite to come for a break already. I really don't like these 10 hour shifts I like my 4 hr shift on Wednesday its fun and fast!!

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