Saturday, January 15, 2011

When you think the worse is over....BAM

Well after all the hard times we have been going through I thought maybe heading to our Fertiliy appointment would be signs of hope and joy to come later this year. As I was waiting for my hubby to arrive at the appointment he calls and said he was in an accident BAM.
He's ok just stiff and shaken up a bit, and as I was already nervous about the appt I had to face it alone while my hubby figured out what was going to happen. Thank God it wasn't his fault but not going into specifics a transport was hit by the same girl that hit my hubby. She is fine but her car is totalled. As for our car we think the strut and suspension is broke on the drivers side rear wheel. Now my husband has a rental that he basically won't drive because there is no winter tires on it. (yes its snowing a lot again on our poor mountain). Anyways I'm just waiting because they say things happen in 3's so whats going to be next and can I handle it.

 these are two chatelaines that my friend in Calgary sent me. I am forever loosing my scissors down the couch so she made them long enough that they will rest in my lay or to the side and not get in the way but also not fall down the couch whooohooo can't wait to use them!!
update of owls
Just wanted to share with you some updated photos.....


  1. So sorry your husband was involved in an accident, but glad he is okay. I love the chatelaine's your friend made for you and nice update on your stitching.

  2. Thank goodness he is ok! The car can be fixed. Hope the appt went well. Let's not think what else could be part of the 3!

    Your stitching looks wonderful!

  3. Glad your hubby is ok. your stitching is beautiful and your chatelaines are wonderful :)

  4. Oh no! So glad to hear your husband is ok though. I hope your appointment went well :)

  5. Sorry to hear about the accident. Glad everyone is okay.
    Hey, I want to see more Granny Squares!!!

  6. I am so sorry t hear about the accident but glad that your DH is okay. Cars can be fixed or replaced.
    I love the chatelaines. They are fabulous. I cna't tell you how many times I have had to dig my scissors out out the cushions! :)


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