Monday, February 28, 2011


Well here is the travelling stitcher. this part is complete. Now I just have to do the pin keep then its complete then I have no idea how to complete it. I change all the colours as you can see but I much prefer the colour purple to the original ones..Luv it!!!

did I mention I am a purse collector/hoarder. Is does not help one bit when me and my friend get together to go shopping! We egg each other on even though we know half the time we shouldn't buy more. Then again she bought this for me without any enabling isn't it just the coolest. Its my fav out of all my purses now and I have a winter and spring coat that matches too!!!  Thank-you!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Glad you love the purse and I am always glad to feed another person's addictions!! Nice job on the Travelling Stitcher too!

  2. Your Traveling Stitcher looks great :)

  3. Love your finish, Tammy. The color change is pretty and perfect for you. Great new purse, too!

  4. Beautiful color change on Traveling Stitcher. It look great too compared to the original color. Your new purse is beautiful too.

  5. I love your Traveling Stitcher, it looks great. And I love the bag :)

  6. I am liking your choice of bag, and you can certainly never have too many of them..


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