Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stitchers tilt...

Well going back to work this week has been a long one! Even though my hours are shorter I still want to be at home....stitching.
I had some inspiration lets see how long that lasts lol. Last night at our Stitch together all the girls were really talky and had lots of stories and laughs. It got a little loud at times but it was fun!! I brought the owls to stitch on and was able to stitch a few stitches not my norm though, just didn`t feel into it last night. When I went to pick up Trina she had a special surprise for me but you will have to wait till the weekend because I will be posting all the pictures sat night. Anyways Jaynes Sis-in-law brought her Haed of the sleeping Santa and boy did I want to stitch on my HEAD after that so tonight that's what I did. I do not know where I got this crazy idea to stitch 1 over 1 but I have to say it will be worth it when its done. I think instead of stitching in a weekly rotation I will just stitch on all my UFO`s at least once a month and of course that's the min then I will work prob on my favorite one more or what ever I am having my inspiration to work on at the time. I think maybe that's a more realistic goal for me. So I will have to keep track on the side bar so I know which ones I haven`t yet worked on I guess. Well last shift tomorrow 3-8 then shopping on Saturday in London since we weren't able to make it last week because someone caught a bug...oh well its gone now and that's what counts. Now I have to get out of the position I`ve been stitching in because I tend to tilt my waist towards the pattern and then stay in that position for long periods of time so now I`m sore (duh) TGIF and happy weekend everyone

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