Saturday, March 19, 2011

If your not having fun don't do it??

Why do I drive myself nuts about uFO's???  Does anybody else do this. I mean I do not have a lot like some stitchers but I cannot bare to start another project because I have as many as I do. I saw (title) on a trucks bumper sticker today and you know what I just may start that next project on my next day I have some time to stitch. What the hell the others will get done just later then sooner, have to stitch my ornie for March too!


  1. I used to be like you that I didn't like to have many UFO's. After the crazy January challenge (where we started 15 projects in a row) I have enjoyed more stitching than just getting something done. Actually it is quite nice to continue a project which already has few stitches =) There is a time when I enjoy more starting projects so maybe I should exploit that energy rather than trying to stick in WIP's.

  2. I used to be one who wouldn't start a new one till I had finished what I was stitching on .. now I've done the 15 crazy challenge , done loads of stuff for my blog . exchanges on my groups, SALs and still want to start more .. but what I do is work on one for a while that calls me then move on to another etc and if I want to start a new one I go for it :) hope that helps love mouse xxx

  3. Stitching is for fun. Period. I have plenty of UFO's and I try to pull one out at times and finish it. But if something new catches my eye then so be it. Just enjoy yourself and have fun. We all do and remember stitching is cheaper than therapy!

  4. Your title certainly sums it up. Some people are one at a time stitchers, others are the more the merrier kind but the one thing it should always be is fun - no point in beating yourself up about a hobby (and i'm lookign forward to seeing that new start lol!)


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