Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not happening

Did some stitching last nite a bit.  But once I start I don't want to anymore whats with that?? Ok I really need to get this mojo going again it was back for a while and now poof. I haven't even been reading blogs and I usually always do that. I feel bad about it. I think I am just done with winter being inside and to tired to concentrate for long periods of time anymore.
My mom and dad will be here in 58 days I can't wait!!!! Thats when we gals will head off to the stitching retreat for three days whoohoo.
My parents house that they moved into had an extra bedroom so mom let me pick out the paint and dad removed some drywall and put new flooring and trim down. Now every-time my HUSBAND and I goes home to visit other then at camp we have a place to stay. Just to clear up any rumors I am NOT moving home. I have a house, husband, job and my father in law moving in with us this spring and hopefully other good things to come in the year.

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