Thursday, March 24, 2011

snow snow go away (for good)

Well nice to wake up to a foot of snow....NOT!!! Especally with hubby not home to snowblow and no nice neighbour to come do it for me. So I think Mather Nature better let the sun shine so she can get rid of what she started.
Because of the snow I stayed home last night. Was pretty grumpy about it too because for some reason or another I was really looking forward to seeing everyone. Oh well. New project star maybe today instead?? I totally was going to do it last night but decided I wanted to redo playlist on my ipod and the ended up taking up all my time last night go figure. Oh well, Everytime I get in the laptop something seems to spark that thing in my head that says oh you should look at this and go check out this.....speaking of that off I go...

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  1. Oh I am the same Tammy, a quick check on emails turns into hourlong sitting in front of the PC checking this and that, how time flies when you are having fun.
    There were only 3 stitchers out last night, I stayed in too, after I had done some travelling throughout the day and was glad to home safe and sound.


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