Sunday, April 3, 2011

Is Sunday done already

Well it will be soon a new work week and I have a feeling its going to be a long hall. With the big wigs coming in.
Today was a fun filled day. After getting up early and really not feeling that well in the morning I decided to do a bit of housework before Pennie and Trina came and picked me up. We were heading to Mississauga to Gitta's Needlework Marketplace. It was so nice to see Jeanette Douglas again after so many years and after a few stories she remembered who I was. With all the people she has meet I didn't really expect her to remember but it was really nice. We chatted for a while about Calgary then moved on. Katherine had the marketplace set up almost like Nashville where you went into suites. It was nice since we can't go to the Nashville show and this way it was a taste. Maybe next year it will be bigger and better since this was only the first year. We got a free design in each designers place to complete a biscournu and it looks like its going to be a fun stitch.
I picked up two designs one is a Christmas ornie that is 3D I guess, it stands up. The second one I got was a hardanger pattern that doesn't have the blanket stitch that I so do adore lol. We found out that Gitta's was actually open so we headed there and shopped a bit then headed out for lunch.
It was really good since brunch was still going and I love brunch! But I ate too much and came home and had a long nap OK siesta. Then felt better. We also got a free design for a needle-book in canvas and I started that tonight its looking pretty good!! I know you wanna see pictures but its too late tonight to download so I will hopefully post everything tomorrow....I will post the owls though.
p.s. I think i am going to work on some small stuff, i wanted to start a new picture but I am going to wait till retreat maybe.

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