Saturday, May 21, 2011

No Rain Whoohooo

if you want to see an awesome way to organize fabric check out this blog...I love it!!!! Now all I need is a bookcase to show off my very little fabric heehee

so now at 4:30pm I have accomplished planting new flowers under my tree where the kids (i hope not adults) cut off my tulips. Planted the rest of my pots. Helped hubby plant a new bush because we killed our other one re planting it, pulled dandelions and put some seed down oh yah and got sunburnt haha.

Tonight if my energy stays up I'm going to organize toss an pick out what I am going to stitch at retreat maybe I'll even start it tonight! well we will see. Darn I still have to update that darn circle picture for you readers I keep forgetting! I bought my pj's too for retreat which is a ritual for me when I go I have to have new pj's!!

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  1. Sounds like you'll be ready for retreat long before you're actually able to go, lol. I'd plan way ahead for that too!! Wow, your friend has a lot of fabbies. I'm impressed!! And I'm glad you got some stuff done out in the yard!


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