Thursday, May 12, 2011

surprise for some

Well Now that I can tell everyone, my 3 months is up for my pregnancy. That might explain why I haven't been posting as much. I do have a big mouth and am excited. I am due November 24th and have my 12 week ultrasound tomorrow. Hubby and I can't wait to go and see the baby again. We have had an ultrasound twice now already cause I had to have some close monitoring. But everything is good. Just very tired, well exhausted is more like it.
I am looking forward to my mom being here for her first retreat and to have some time with the girls and the grandbaby to be.



    i am sooo pleased for you . Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly for you .XXX

  2. Congratulations xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. What wonderful news! Take good care of yourself!

  4. wooo hooo happy dance here :) soooo pleased for you :) enjoy your scan tomorrow and take care of yourself :) love mouse xxx

  5. Congrats to you all from the 4 from Forest! See you in a couple of weeks :^)

  6. Congratulations! I can imagine how exhausted you are, hopefully these summer months won't be too tiring and you enjoy them. Can't wait to hear all the particulars.


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