Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thats IT!!

1 more shift 5 hrs to get through and my vacation starts. Starting with my mom and dad showing up tomorrow night then off to retreat till Monday then off to Montreal. Its going to be a quick change over thats for sure, but will be well worth it.
My sunburn is ten times better now. Just got to give away the grumpys to someone. seems like I was getting mad at everything that a symptom of pregnancy or maybe its just pms in the background.
Seems like mother nature thought that we needed a smiggen more rain so it goes again lightning thunder and the whole shabang. Hopefully it will put me to sleep tonight.
well I'm off to see if any bathing suits fit me and then off the bed


  1. Happy (barely) early vacation!! I hope you take lots of pics, both at the retreat and Montreal. I'd love to see them!!

  2. ooo have a great time :) and lots of photos too please .. and yep being pregnant sure does weird things to you ... glad sun burn is better :) love mouse xxx


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