Monday, May 23, 2011

Victoria Day Monday

Oh boy what a couple of days I've had....mostly in pain that is. My sunburn was worse then I thought to the point I couldn't even put a shirt on  sorry TMI. Anyhows I did some reorganizing in my basement for our new roomie that will be here in two weeks. I also did some clean up in my stash but still need to put away newly winded floss and floss for older projects that have been abandoned now. I have decided now what to bring to retreat--Mirabilia's Garnet Fairy. It was the one that popped out and said take me and I new I had all the floss and fabric for it already just had to dig it out of my stash. Well tomorrow will be a long busy shift but it will be 1 more down 2 to go once its over yeah!! and its the hardest out of the three so it will be over with sooner then later which will be good!!


  1. ooo hope your sunburn cools down soon and good for you sorting your stuff out and finding what to take :) hope you have a fab time if don't squeak to you before :) love mouse xxxx

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Sunburn is no fun. If you can get some, rub some aloe on it. It really helps, even though it's sticky and goopy. Glad you have picked a piece to go with you. That's great. I hope you have fun at the retreat. I would love to go to another one!!!! (Well, any kind of stitch in would be good, lol.)


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