Thursday, July 7, 2011

Halfway point-----

Well I am at the halfway mark of my pregnancy yeah! I just hope the last months go quickly so I can hold a healthy baby boy in my arms after all these years of wanting and waiting....

Yesterday we were suppose to get a surprise last min visitor but hmmm because he was travelling by Harley the trip was a lot longer. Since it seems I do not sleep anymore (stayed home from work yesterday because I was up all night wide awake) I was awake when he drove into our driveway this morning. I never saw my husband move so fast to get out of bed lol it was soo min snoring and the next rushing to pull a pair of shorts on. Anyways our guest is Eric's cousin who is close to us and also hasn't been here for a while...we are figuring about 2 years now. Anyways he has come here for a while which really I do not know how long that is. So I have 3 french man in the house for the time being.

Looks like to that our driveway is getting paved today, yeah no more dust, rocks on the lawn or mud coming into the house!!!

I have 15 days until we leave for camp back home and can't wait although it is not going to be the most comfortable while prego I still hope I can relax by swimming and having camp fires if the weather co-operates.

This Saturday is Jayne's backyard bash and I have decided to make my yummy chocolate cake for the potluck...I just hope the icing doesn't melt.  2 more days of work to go then at least off for two days. Maybe I'll actually sleep then get some stitching done .....maybe.....



  1. Oh, I hate those kind of nights. I hope you got some stitching done since you couldn't sleep!! Will say a prayer that the second half of your pregnancy goes well. Best of luck to you! And grats on getting the driveway paved. It makes such a mess when the truck comes to pave it, but it's great once it's done!!!

  2. I hope that you can catch up on your sleep. Best of luck to you with your pregnancy. The half way mark! So exciting!

  3. coooo that's gone fast :) good luck with the paving and have you tried listening to music to drift off to ??? and enjoy your visitors and your camp when you go :) love mouse xxxx


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