Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday yeah!!

well the pattern didn't show up :( On to the next till next week I guess.
Trying to get some of the house clean before all the guys get home (the way I like it).
Then I think I will go downstairs and update cross stitch pictures and I told mom I would make the shower invites so I am going to try some ideas out for that too.
4 more shifts till I go home I can't wait!! Especially in this heat the best thing to do is to be jumping into Lake Superior (with sunscreen haha not getting burnt again)

The baby is moveing all the time now I am hoping maybe my parents will feel him. Eric still hasn't everytime he trys the baby stops its tooo funny to watch his expression I think he just gives up now on trying.

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  1. Glad the baby is active. He'll feel him or her (do you know the sex yet?) soon enough. When you're eight months pregnant, you'll want to sleep with your big belly against his back so every time you get kicked, he gets kicked too!!! Enjoy your vacation. And I hope you don't get burned, as that's no fun!


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