Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Dance -no not a finish haha

Well the massage didn't work out on Saturday Since the massage person didn't show up call or cancel. So had to re-book for tomorrow in Oakville at another place.
Anyways guess what I found!!!! My needles yeah, now I can give Trina's back since I didn't use them and use my own yeah!! I guess I had put it in the bag I used last for swimming and totally forgot they were in the side pocket.
I also found a frame for the piece Jayne stitched me so hoping to have that stretched and framed by Sunday maybe.

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  1. Cool Tammy. It's always fun to find things we've forgotten or lost. In my case, I usually find them right after I've bought something to replace them, lol. It's my own version of Murphy's law!!


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