Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday off yeah back to work tomorrow yuck

Well Hi I am still alive after the invasion of the family. Saturday spent relaxing (if only I could have) Sunday took my mother in law and niece shopping for the baby and school clothes, and today ended up going to Port Dover for the day and hubby is sooo happy that there is a beach there!! So tomorrow they leave and I go back to work and life goes on well till I guess closer to November when I'll start to panic again about the baby. I hope my hubby stays true to his word and we are able to go and get the crib and dresser this week if not next. Thought baby's kicks would be a little more frequent and harder by now but I guess not. But am getting more uncomfortable and am finding it hard to stitch for a few hours in the same position without something getting achy. My next thing on my list to do is finalize the shower invites with mom and finish my registry before they are sent out.
Can't wait to finally go and see Harry Potter on Sunday and get my much needed outing with a friend.
Wednesday is dentist then stitching I hope I am back to my normal routine and be able to spend the few Wednesdays I have left with the girls before my prenatal classes start Wednesday nights. Looking forward to going and hoping to see everyone there......ok I'm done rambling now so off I go........


  1. Phew!! Sounds like a busy hectic time! Remember, deep breaths and relax!!

  2. Lucky you. Discomfort is a nice, mild word for it. I hope it doesn't get any worse!!! Glad you've dealt with the invasion well so far. If you need some space, go hide in the bathroom for a while. Tell them the baby is bouncing on your bladder. It's a great excuse!!


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