Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Stitching tonight!! Oh yeah and food!!!!
Tonight is our Potluck for the end of Summer at Pennie's I'm sure it will be super yummy. JUst wished I hadn't worked so late that I could have made something home made. I don't like buying things usually fro potlucks but oh well guess I will go pick something up on my way home tonight and make the best out of it. I hope that whatever in my back has been bothering me doesn't flare up again, it makes it really impossible to stitch without pain.
I woke up this morning with a smile on my face since my baby was already kicking and squerming away which he dosen't usually do till after I have ate my breakfast. It was a pretty nice wake up call!

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  1. My doc told me when I was pregnant that the baby would tend to be more active when I was still. It's because when I'm moving around, he's rocked in his warm little place. When I stop, he's not being rocked. So he kicked and squirmed and punched and generally made himself felt. To the tune of bruises, lol. Strong little buggers!! Glad you're enjoying feeling movement!!


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