Saturday, October 29, 2011

2nd post same day --question please

ok I have a BIG QUESTION for all you crafty organizers out there.

How do you store/sort your stitching fabric????

Right now I am using a bin for 28 ct and a bin for 32 its not working for me though. For one I have too much fabric well for the bins that is. and second I would like a way to organize colour too. I need some good ideas and lots please!!!!


  1. Sorry Tammy, I have no solutions for you - I have yet to come up with a good storage system, too. So, I will be really interested in reading the answers which come in.

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

  2. I have mostly 28ct so count really doesn't play into my sorting. I just arrange it in the drawer by color. It's not the neatest arrangement but...

    Sorry that was of no help at all. I have no ideas.

    Read your other post 26 days now - congrats - you're almost there!

  3. well I have a really big cabinet,,,,,,that has a bit of empty space,,,,,,
    just saying,,, lol

  4. I keep my fabric in a decorative box according to fabric size.

  5. make sure you put in a bag...moths will get into it


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