Sunday, October 30, 2011

basement cleaning, organizing and reading

Last night was a total bust after going to Mary Maxim and having a late supper. Stitching didn't really happen. But reading did till about 3 am with my hubby waking up and telling me to go to bed. Reading and watching tv with the light on doesn't make it ideal conditions for falling back to sleep. Oh well I gave in and 1/2 hr later hubby said I was snoring so I guess I didn't feel tired but my body was.
I am reading the help didn't think I would really like it but it is actually interesting and I'm sure some of the facts on how Black people were treated back then are true to history.
Anyways today even without sleeping a lot I started tackling my craft room, I got a fair amount done and changed around.
I think I found a way to store my fabric too, once I get that done I'll post it.

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  1. That was a late night!! I read the Help a few years ago and enjoyed it - now, I'd like to see the movie when I get the chance. Happy Halloween!


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