Monday, October 10, 2011

Blanket finished

I am at 34 weeks now so not much time left. I think we are ready though. The nursery is done and the shopping is done. Now its just to wait on the baby and to finish up my prenatal classes. Oh yah and work--three weeks to go then I'm on mat leave yeah!!! I cannot wait!!! So now the next thing on my list is to finish the babys' sampler which really I haven't worked on since classes started. I really want to stitch but then when I go to pick it up it just seems easier to lay on the couch and vegetate.
I am still waiting for the stash I ordered in September to come in its going on a month in the mail now so hopefully it will be here Tuesday.

 I think this is my favorite baby thing I have's a cover for the car seat

I finished the blanket too I was working on for the baby. I actually can't figure out what I did but the row is suppose to meet up and I could not see the start/end. So its not perfect but it will work for a blanket on the floor or in the stroller or out at camp.

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