Thursday, November 10, 2011

knitting or stitching??

well I ended up making it out to stitching last night even though it was a close call. By that I mean, I had gone to my check-up around 2. And Midwife checked for dilatation (which I was 1 cm) and did a membrain sweep on me so started cramping right after I got home.

It was very nice to see all the girls again since I hadn't seen them since late August. Three of the girls were knitting and of course as soon as I saw that I wanted to do it too. Only I don't know where my needles are lol. And my room is clean - I mean my craft room so hmmm I wonder where I put them?? That actually might be a good project for me to find out what I did with them. The only thing I can knit is scarfs and the only thing I can crochet is granny squares lol. Well if all else fails maybe I'll do some more grannys.

I stitched a bit more on the babies sampler, its coming slowly.


  1. good luck with the hunt for the needles but don't over do it and oooooo almost there babes .... take care and it will all be worth it honest :) love mouse xxxx

  2. I wish you an easy delivery. Enjoy your crafting time while you can because you will have a pleasant distraction soon.


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