Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Birth Sampler

I was able to get the baby's name date and weight stitched last night. Have no idea how I did it stitching by the light of the Christmas tree but I did. Anyhow my hubby and friend said that is looked good. I am not too sure about the weight something is throwing me off about it, but hey if you guys say it looks ok then I'll leave it. Sorry about the pictures but my camera does not like the soft colours. Click picture to enlarge.



  1. I think the date and weight looks good.

  2. Your new little one is so precious!! Beautiful sampler! I love the styling of the date and weight. The only thing I might do would be to move the lbs and ozs closer together - more towards the center.

  3. Oh Tammy it's beautiful! I'm not a good one to ask for an opinion but I say it looks fine. I really like the style.

  4. hi Tammy ... ooo that's an awful question to ask a fellow stitcher but having squinted at it .. I think I would have to agree and bring the weight nearer to each other and may be just put 8lb 8oz no 's' hope that helps a wee bit ... love mouse xxxx


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