Tuesday, December 20, 2011

shopping, blogging, and cranky baby

Ah Man I really have to stop reading through blogs.....I'm not getting any stitching done!! I am currently going through DaffyCats Blog roll and making sure I'm a follower on her lists so I can add them to my large blog of stichy blogs. She has a lot!!
these are on their way to my house!! Dinky Dyes makes them. Yeah Christmas gift to myself
now lets see what else I can buy hmmmm


  1. Oh I like those scissors very much! I'm afraid I have way more than I ever will need. That's the fun of it I suppose.
    Hope the little one isn't cranky for long.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. oooooo nice scissors .. hope my blog is on that list heheheh ;) and noooo pity I wasn't near I am very good with cranky baby's .. well known for it ... don't even mind doing a night shift as long as bottle feeding .. can't do the other now ..lol .... merry Christmas and a stitchy new year to you :) love mouse xxx

  3. Thank you for joining my blog! Those scissors are super cute, Merry Christmas to you. Hehehe. I look forward to sharing stitches and musings.

    Keep on stitching. P.J.

  4. Very creative approach in designing the scissors.. I like color combination ...



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