Saturday, December 10, 2011


Last night a friend from work came over from Oakville to spend some time with the baby and us for a 2nd time. She also came to the hospital to see me and the baby. It was really nice to have her over since no-one has really come to visit us other then our parents and our neighbor. I don't know why, but I am guessing maybe because shopping and Christmas stuff has gotten in the way?

I was hoping to go see Breaking Dawn at the movies but if I go my hubby wants to come, we don't feel relaxed enough to leave the baby with my father in law yet. We should have done it when my parents were here oh well.

Today I am trying to finish the finishing on my ornie for the Wednesday night exchange for the stitching sisters and get the cards together. I hope I don't miss anyone as all my lists have disappeared somewhere. If anyone has a list of just the names of all the girls and want to e-mail me I would be grateful!!

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  1. The baby looks lovely. Often people don't want to disturb a new mother in those first few weeks. Don't worry - the visitors will come.

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox


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