Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Ok went through Daffycats blogroll (she has 1000 followers)...she has my blog of stitching blogs is at 1160 and I am following 1160 blogs (but they aren't following me-YET lol-). That is a lot of stitchers. Glad to know our craft is going strong!!

Now I can get back to my stitching tomorrow!


  1. I am impressed that you follow so many blogs - how do you keep up with them all? I find that if I spend too much time blog surfing then I don't get any stitching done. But if I don't blog surf then I miss out on everyone's news! Catch 22, I think.

    Merry Xmas,

    Hugs, Kaye xoxoxo
    P.S. I hope that I am one of the 1160 blogs which you follow! lol!

  2. oooo well done on the catch up love the cartoon .. have a wonderful Christmas and a stitchy new year :) love mouse xx
    who also hopes you follow her

  3. I read when I can and usually its only the recently updated blogs, thats why I also have a list here on the left its the ones I go to most often so far - still adding

  4. I try as best as I could and when I could.
    Merry christmas, Tammy!


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