Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2 months

So I have been trying to hit all the hermit stitching blogs the last couple of days. I think I did about 50 out of 166. I read them when son and hubby are sleeping and I'm not.
Nicola (BOY) has hit his 2 month birthday today and has had his first needles and I didn't even cry. So proud of myself! Looks like I have some more healing to do myself but otherwise appointment went well.
I hope to get more stitching done tonight if baby goes down soon
Have a good night


  1. You're doing well on catching up with that many Hermitters so far! I'm a ways behind you :)

    Well done coping with your little man's shots. I think it's harder on us than them. Obviously the initial jab distresses bub but they get over it pretty quick with a cuddle and a feed. Mama is left feeling mean for days! LOL.

  2. awwww glad his injections went well and you are on the mend too ... and cooo you are catching up with them all :) love mouse xxxx

  3. It's amazing how long it takes to completely recover from giving birth. You'll get there! And good for you for not crying when he got his shots.


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