Thursday, January 5, 2012

The day after....

So yesterday morning after 6 1/2 hours of sleep yeah!! My hubby took me to do errands. I hate when you have to go to a million stores and in each store you need only 1 thing. Anyways got that all done and am ready to get some of my stitching presents finished before next week. I received my Canadian scissors from the postman yesterday along with LizzieKates HOHOHO. now just waiting for my material for Casting a Spell to come in and one of Lizzies Fat man patterns to come. I am joining a SAL for that one, it is suppose to start in March. So I have to get some stuff stitched before that, (I hope)
Oh yeah these are the scissors mom found for me to add to my ginger collection. Does anybody else collect them?


  1. I collect Gingher scissors and love every pair I have. Enjoy your new pair.

  2. I collect those scissors. I anxiously await until they come out each year. Hope you enjoy yours!!

  3. Oh yes I collect scissors but rarely buy the expensive ones. To me it doesn't matter how much they are....only if I like them.
    Your are lovely. Lucky girl!

  4. oooo I have just one pair and love them and they are almost like yours .... and I am a scissor holic too :) love mouse xxx

  5. I collect scissors and have a few Ginghers.


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