Friday, February 17, 2012

2 more sleeps

two more sleeps till I'm on a plane back home to my parents. I can't wait, but I am starting to have some anxiety about bringing the baby. Sorry if I am repeating myself I tend to do that a lot lately.
I worked on getting some ornie kits together and my six fat man and a couple others that just cropped up in my cleaning, stashing, searching around. I think I am taking more stitching then clothes but thats ok I just hope I have time to do the amount I would like to with my mom and dad helping me out. We are expecting a lot of family and friends visiting and meeting the baby for the first time so this should be a very special week at home. The highlight being meeting his great grandmother for the first time. We found out today that there is a chance that two more of our good friends might be joining us in Quebec for the Baptism. I am totally excited for this!! I hope it works out cause this is going to be one great weekend!! I was able to put in a couple stitches in my orniement its 1 over 1 so it is taking me for----ever. I don't know why I pick something thinking it will be easy cause its one colour and it ends up being hard and one that i don't have fun stitching. Oh well its almost done if I can get a couple hours to sit and finish it up. maybe tomorrow between laundry, packing and baby?? Yah sure haha
he is getting soooo big, now he can grasp onto his blanket and the rattle(with some help)

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  1. don't panic this is normal flapping like this ok ... its because you are doing it for the first time and not had to sort anything out with a wee one in tow ... relax you will be fine and have a fabulous time and enjoy meeting up with your friends and family .... take care love mouse xxxx


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