Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Back Home

Back home safe and Sound. I hated the flying part with the baby by myself but our next flight should be good. I have hubby and father in law going to Quebec with me.
I was able to accomplish 1 out of 3 goals so far. The Babies sampler (see below) is done now today I have to finish up my Feb ornament then I want to start that breast cancer pattern and I'll work on Cirque too. BUt not before I go out shopping have to find some christening decorations and go to chapters for magazines.


  1. Wishing you continued safe journey's! Good luck on meeting the rest of your goals - I have no doubt you will.

  2. well done on getting the journey done ok ... good luck with finding the things you want for the christening etc :) love mouse xxxxx


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