Wednesday, March 7, 2012


ok stupid blog is fixed for now. Anybody know what the blog is that the dog talks for his mom. if you read it you know. Anyways I lost my blog links in the process and they are my fav reads (cause I have a blog with over a thousand stitching blogs and I can't read them all - wish I could) Anyways that blog is a hoot to read! I'm sure I will come across it in a day or so again to add to my list.

As for the Nashville releases there are only two patterns that really caught my eye. One being Cherries Jubilee and the other Orts and Ends.
So now that it is almost 2 am and I am still fooling around on Sims and the blog I think I better go read then I can play with this tomorrow some more.


  1. Think this is the blog you're talking about


  2. Hello Tammy

    Please could you add my blog to your "Stitching Blogs We All Luv To Read" blog please?

    The blogs are looking lovely BTW.


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