Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Dance #7

Brighter Tomorrows is completed Now I have to hunt for a frame this weekend!!
Went on a road trip today to Gitta's. I needed a couple threads and some needles oh yah and the pattern for Cherries to come up with some excuse to start it although I really shouldn't. I have a wedding sampler to do next. I am almost thinking to do a simpler one then I ordered maybe I will go do some discovering in my pattern tomorrow and see if something else might catch my eye instead. There is one I am pertically fond of and have not done it in a while although it does have metallic it is very beautiful when complete and I think very elegant too!

my son put his foot in his mouth today for the first time, he has started to babble before his bath and his hair is growing in now. It is just amazing how fast they grow! My husband is currently in Quebec because as soon as we had got home the next day he had to fly back since his brother landed in the hospital. His mother has MS so he went home to be with her and take care of his niece until his brother gets out. We know he has pneumonia and another infection but we don't know much more. They are running lots of tests on him today and Thursday and maybe we will have some more answers soon and then my hubby can fly back to us.


  1. He is so adorable! Enjoy the sweet moments.
    Brighter tomorrow is a beauty. SOrry to read about our MIL and BIL, I wish them well.Take care!

  2. Make the most of him now. You won't believe how quick they grow up. I woke up with a new teenager this morning. How did that happen? It's not 5 minutes since I was in labour with her!

  3. Good morning from North Carolina Tammy! What a nice finish. Love all the pinks in it and excellent stitching. Way to go girl! That tiny little boy of yours is beautiful. Get lots of pictures as they do indeed grow so fast.

  4. Your son is adorable. Congrats on the finish. It turned out really nice.


  5. Congratulations on finishing Brighter Tomorrow. It's gorgeous. Your son is adorable. Sorry to hear about your MIL and BIL. Please take care.


  6. Brighter Tomorrows is really beautiful! Hope everyone in your family will be better soon!


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