Thursday, April 26, 2012


Well I didn't know really what to stitch next I brought out Inspiration last night only to put it safely back in its box lol. I want to work on it but its a big undertaking I'm not even half way through here is picture

Anyhow so went to the mail today and yeah the wedding pattern I ordered came in soooo that is what I am starting next!

I'm really looking forward to stitching this and also getting it done since my deadline is July. I found it good though that an actual pattern from Stoney Creek does not have back stitch!! Just the lettering and a bit of vines. I can handle that no problem (watch me curse later lol). I have it all kitted up and ready to go.

Because I spent basically all night changing the blog up its too late to start my stitching so I'm going to rest up for tomorrow. Poor Ottawa got kicked to the Golf Green today in game 7 oh well they tried there best!
Have a good night!
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  1. Inspirations sure looks huge! What a pretty wedding sampler. I'm surprised there are no backstitches. Not typical of Stoney Creek designs.


  2. Hi Tammy

    Your WIP is lovely!
    The wedding sampler looks very pretty, I'm not surprised you are keen to start it.
    I like your new look blog, the header photos are great.

  3. I just love a pattern with no backstitch. I am doing the backstitch from hell right now on my Love Quilt square. Next time, I will pick a better pattern! Mine is due June 1st to the people who make the quilts, so I don't have any give to miss the deadline. I am praying that I can finish up the huge diamond in the middle with all of the hellish backstitch, because it should be downhill from there.

    We ought to start a blog with patterns that have no backstitching. How awesome would that be?


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