Saturday, May 19, 2012

Flower Power

I love Petunia's and my father-in-law bought me a whole bunch today to plant in my barrels I can't wait till they are over flowing. We bought three different colors (cause I have 3 barrels) and some plants for a couple pot(those ones are begonias) and a beautiful hanging petunia that is yellow. Its the
first time I saw a yellow one. I thought it would be super busy at the stores today but nope guess everyone is hitting there camps and cottages this weekend in stead of planting pretty flowers.

I have been stitching like a mad fool on my wedding project. I am just loving how it is coming out and can't wait to see it with the beads and names on it (as long as I can space them correctly that is)
Hermit weekend is more like Hermit Nights to me as I can only stitch once my son is in bed after 8. Sometimes I just can't wait to get started and have me time!

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  1. I have not planted one flower pot yet this year. I love petunias and must get some plants soon. We had a busy day that did not include time in the garden. I am sure your barrels will look beautiful.

  2. Those are my fave colors of Petunias, too, Tammy. I had them last year, but this year the nursery didn't have that color, so I got dark purple instead. Hope you have fun planting!! I'm already done for this year, and it hasn't been too bad yet, heatwise, so I haven't had to water every day. Can't wait to see your progress on Monday. I've been stitching like mad today too. From five thirty till about ten thirty, I moved from my chair once to go potty and get more tea. Otherwise, I've been stitching. Got lots done too, so I'm happy about that! I may stitch a little more after I finish dinner. Hope you're having a great night!!

  3. Hello

    That petunia is a lovley colour and your barrels will look very pretty.
    Here we must wait until there is no risk of frost before we plant out our flowers. I can't wait to get my flowers out.
    Looking forward to seeing your wedding wip!


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