Monday, May 21, 2012

Hermit and 6 fat man update

well Hermit stitching was a success this weekend yeah
finished off the left top, the whole bottom and the rings now just have the left top side the names and beading left to do. Just got to get another good night that I am on a roll and baby sleeps good and it will be close to done yeah

Forgot to post 6 fat man last week, did not accomplish much tonight just a bird and a bit of the house
still waiting for a few more threads to come in to finish the last toe borders to the left

my son has been doing new things all this week one of them is finding the mirror on the exersaucer He sticks his head right close up between two of the toys haha so funny then he babbles. He has been getting some good fresh air with all this nice weather so zonks out by 8 for the last couple of nights. We got all our flowers planted in the barrels just waiting for the tulips to dye off so we can plant some more under our tree.
Tomorrow my husband and I are visiting my friends mom to bring her the breast cancer picture then its off to the dentist we go. I so hate the dentist and am not looking forward to being there tomorrow! But once its done its done.

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  1. Hi Tammy

    Lovely picture of your son!

    Your wedding sampler is looking beautiful!
    Good luck at the dentist.

  2. Tammy, your wedding stitch is coming along just beautifully! And of course, it's always fun to see pictures of babies that don't belong to me. LOL


  3. Your weddingsampler is beautiful. and the 6 fat men too. What a lovely little boy.
    Hugs, Amarins

  4. what a cutie you have!

    Excellent progress on both the wedding sampler and 6 fat men! both will look great when they are done.

  5. The wedding stitching looks wonderful. Your son is a cutie.

  6. Beautiful stitching. Wishing your friend well.


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