Thursday, May 3, 2012


Cath was the first one who guessed!! I am doing a bird, an Owl to be exact. My dad has been bugging me for a while now to stitch one and with me doing the snowman for my mom I started to feel guilty. So as per usual I have bit off more then I can chew. I want to have all three pictures done for July, Lets see how that goes about.
So with three to get done I am Stitching with the snowman on Mondays with the Sal, Tuesdays the wedding sampler and Wed the Owl. All the other days are my free days to grab which ever one of the three I want to work on that day. Ok so lets see if this works last time a rotation didn't go further then a day last time

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  1. LOL , just knew your Dad liked the birds .
    Which owl are you doing ? Can't wait to see it .X


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