Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nervous Stitcher today

Today is not going well at all. Some of you know that my hubby got wrongful dismissed from work a year ago January. We are now having problems cause our lawyer keeps stalling and dose not seem to want to send the case to court. We have sent letters about 3 or 4 with no reply from the company he was employed at so now its time for subpoena. If we don't start getting this in the courts soon we are going to be loosing our house, and then I don't know where we will be if that happens.
I am very concerned and am waiting to here from the lawyer but he has a habit of not returning calls very quickly. We are out of options.
I hope I can stitch a bit to calm my nerves today and hope I get a phone call sooner rather then later cause I will need a good stiff drink by then!!

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  1. Praying for your family, Tammy. I hope your lawyer finds a spark in his backside and gets moving....if not I think you better find another might be better than giving up.

  2. Oh Tammy, I am thinking of you and your husband. I would look for another lawyer - this one is obviously not up to scratch. Best of luck.

  3. I used to work for lawyers and I know how they can drag their feet. There is a statute of limitations to bring a lawsuit and, if I am remembering right, it would be two years from the date of the dismissal.

    You need to repeatedly call the lawyer's office and try to talk to him to get a status report. It is possible they are working on it and haven't told you - they are supposed to send a copy of all paperwork completed to you but not all of them do that.

    I would blast him with calls, emails, texts, whatever expressing your concern and intimating that you are willing to change law firms. Or, call and ask for an appointment to meet with him so you can look him in the eyes and ask what he has accomplished and what is the plan.

    Don't sit on this one. If the time runs out for you to file, you won't have any case at all. Looks like you have six months to file a complaint in court or you will be SOL.

    Hope I helped and didn't make you more nervous. Hell, show up at his office and say "I'll wait until he can see me." Just take your stitching or a good book and sit there. He has to be in eventually, right?


  4. Hey girlfriend. I was going to suggest all the things Chelle suggested. Make that appointment with him for sure. He can't ignore you when you're sitting right across from him.

  5. I do hope this gets sorted soon. I know from similar personal experiences how these things can be dragged out and how stressful it can be on the whole family. I think they forget that people's life's are on hold until things are resolved.


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