Friday, June 29, 2012

round frames gone missing beware

Still cannot believe how hard it is to find round frames or to find someone who can help you to touch up one you already have! I have a frame that my mom brought for me to use for the wedding sampler but I noticed that there is chips of the varnish/paint missing. Went to home depot, Canadian tire nobody could help me (big sigh). I don't know why I have left this sooo long. I have to have it ready before the 13th of July when we leave to go to the wedding back home. The only other options I have are to order one from the states and hope its here in enough time, go to the framers here-they said they will try and help me out to fix the nicks or I will have to get a square mat cut with a round opening. ugh. Trying to spend the least amount of money so I guess I will go to see if they can help me fix it first then go from there. ugh I new stiching a round pattern was going to cause me problems in the long run as much as I loved stitching it! for those who haven't seen it I will put the picture up again.

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  1. Hope the frame works out. The sampler is lovely!

  2. I'm wondering about a craft store of some type. Would they have any suggestions? It's a beautiful piece Tammy. I do hope that you can find someone that can help you with the frame.

  3. It's a lovely design. I've only ever found round frames in charity shops! Good Luck in your search.

  4. Interesting. We can't get square frames here in our hobby stores and believe me, I've looked. Everything is rectangular. I ended up ordering a square frame for my country cottage collection. It was a 7" by 7" opening, it has no glass, and it has no back! For $43!!!!

    Very pretty sampler...hope you can find something.

  5. Try a good frame shop. Even if your frame didn't come from the shop,
    they should be able to help, advise or suggest how to fix your round frame.
    Most framers are very helpful - maybe looking for future business!


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