Sunday, July 8, 2012

Monday comes fast....

well in 4 days I will be heading back to the Sault for a couple of weeks. We have a wedding on Saturday. I actually found a dress that looks somewhat OK on me today so was happy about that.
Tonight I have been getting some stuff organised. My scrap-booking is packed and ready to go. My stitching is almost ready. I always take too much stitching then I don't get anything done. This year going to take the fat man, my ornie for June and July, the Shepard's Bush stocking. I think that's it and should be enough for 2 week with scrap-booking, reading and of course a lot of swimming if these heat waves keep up.
I picked up the pre-Christmas release of Just Cross stitch. It seems I only like two of the ornies and nothing else in the magazine. I'm a little disappointed after searching for it for 3 weeks and finally getting my hands on it. The boyz are in bed and I am heading there shortly. Gotta do my 4hr shift in the morning.

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  1. What is the Sault?

    I always take all of my WIPs with me. Really silly, but then I know I can choose whatever I want to work on when I'm there and of course I never know what might move me while away.

    How on earth did you find the Christmas Just Cross Stitch????



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