Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Snowman update

Well I heard from the lawyer he wants to do some sort of afadata thing. We are suppose to have a meeting but off course he was suppose to contact me Monday and I haven't heard from him. I'm giving him till tomorrow then calling.

Anyways the fat men are coming along slowly. I really hate stitching white, kind of dumb that I picked these patterns then eh? I have the itchys to start another ethier the Shepards bush stocking for my son or an small angel from haed designs - think its 5by7 or something like that. I just got the fabby in today.
Hope you stitchers are staying cool, we are in a heat wave and our power just went off and is suppose to be off for 3hrs straight through supper..just lovely!
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  1. I want to do 6 Fat Men too - but like you I saw tons of white stitching...ugh! But, yours is coming along and looking wonderful.

  2. love the profile pic too cute. Me, Myself & He maybe. lol Stay cool and we missed ya last night

  3. Six fat men is coming along really well. I know what you mean about white. When there are so many beautiful colors, why stitch with white? Then again....Imagine a world without white snow. White clouds. White swans. Not a happy world!

    I do hope that your power has been restored by now and that you won't have to deal with anymore outages. We're having a heatwave as well as is most of the east coast. Thousands and thousands are without electricity. So far it hasn't quit here and we thank God for that. I feel so bad for the people without.

  4. There is a lot of white to stitch but they are such cute charts and easy to follow. It's coming along really well.

  5. Oh, Tammy, yuck. I don't know what I'd do without my AC!!! I hope it comes back on early. Came back on early. Your six fat men are cute so far. I like it on the blue opalescent. It looks a lot like my fabby for my brother and sister in law's wedding sampler. Summer Winds from Silkweavers. Plus it saves you doing white on white, ugh!!!


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