Monday, August 13, 2012

blue stupid blue

Well I think..think I have the blue figured out. Thanks for all the comments that you liked it. But honestly the more I looked at it the more I hated it, its the main colour in the Shepherd coat too so all you would see would be the blue. I called Gittas to do a phone order using the dmc colour card and my dmc. Ordered two colours and the Halloween special issue (don"t know why). I had to go to Micheal after work and I had called there before asking if they had size 5 thread "nope we don't" Go there today and what do you know they did &^%$ anyways I saw two blues that were steel blue and I bought them. I think they will be even better. Oh well more stash. I then headed to the frame shop and found a mat for my circles. No luck with the stain. Actually I did have some luck but of course I couldn't leave it be. Used my iron and somehow something was on my cross stitch only iron?  so I made it worse, that was sooo frustrating!!
I took over my little one for a test run at a neighbors house that is going to be helping me out when I go to work for my 2 hrs. He did really well, a little to good. Didn't even notice me gone. The test will be the naptime though since my son is on a different schedule then hers. Should be interesting Wednesday hope I am not a basket case!

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  1. I still like the blue against the other floss, and it does pop, BUT that being said, it doesn't matter what anyone thinks but you, Tammy, because you are the one who will be looking at it and focusing in on the one "imperfection" that pops out to you, and I know this cuz I have frogged more floss that only bugged me as "imperfections" more times than I can tell you over the years.
    PS..I hate Michael's and curse them every time I go in, idiots :)
    Good luck on Wednesday, and keep us all posted on both the sweet boy and the floss.

  2. Good morning Tammy. Glad you found the other color that you're happier with. I agree with Ma above. You would always focus on that particular color and wouldn't enjoy the piece fully.
    Let us know how the little guy does with the new arrangement. I think he'll do just fine.


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