Friday, August 17, 2012

Hermit EVE

So what do you hate about patterns but you still buy the pattern to stitch it even thought the whole time your cursing. Might it be beads, french knots, backstitch, tweeding, krenik, silk, charms ect. Mine is backstitch now that I have done projects without backstitch I have to really REALLY love it to stitch it. I really hate all the ornaments for Christmas now cause 80% of them have alot of backstitch to them ugh. That is probably why I am behind on my stitching right now for Christmas ornaments/

Is everyone ready for hermit stitching this weekend?? I am almost, if I can get done today what I need to I am all set to stitch while Nicola plays on the floor. I am going to stitch at my kitchen table since I think that he will be all over the place. Maybe I'll even get some stitching company tomorrow???????

Chelle to answer your question I am assuming you are celebration somewhere else so I would not bother putting up a tree. Just put up some of your Christmas stitching and decorations instead. If you happen to be celebrating when you come back in January maybe put a tree for about a week?

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  1. Right now it's patterns with excessive amounts of specialty threads that are used for one or two stitches. The ones without a conversion. They infuriate me. I don't want to spend a fortune to stitch something that will look almost the same in DMC. I still buy them though *sigh*

  2. Thanks for the advice, Tammy. It makes sense not to have a tree, but that would be a first and I don't know if the kids are going to go along with that!

    I avoid stitching projects where the fabric is hard to get a needle through. I have a project right now that is 18 count Aida and I don't like Aida to begin with. And I now hate the design, so that's a double negative and believe me, it doesn't make me want to stitch it more.

    I don't mind backstitch, but I absolutely hate partial stitches and half stitches.

    And I agree with Blu August - I hate spending money on specialty threads and they are only used for a very small portion of the project. What a waste!

  3. The half stitches I don't mind, but hate quarter stitches! I also agree with Blu. I love the hand dyed threads but they're very pricey. I have on my wish list at 123 Stitch right now a piece that has a number of specialty threads. Ugh! I love the piece though and will order the threads for it. No hermit stitching for me this weekend. Very busy. Drat!

  4. Totally agree with Blu!
    I also dislike long repetitive borders on a piece. And stitching the same motif more than once on a piece.


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