Monday, August 20, 2012

hermit gone bust

no pictures to post. I hermitted Saturday night but maybe did 20 stitches. I was so tired and watched the movie the help and relaxed. I thought I would be further along then I am but cleaning and re organizing things got in the way. Oh well. Hubby is back tomorrow,looking foreword to having him back again

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  1. Sometimes we just need to totally veg out. Hope you liked the movie. I read the book.

  2. Hello

    It's good to just relax sometimes.
    Gorgeous photo of Nicola!

  3. I have nights too when once I do sit down I'm not awake enough to stitch. The other night I was planning on stitching and started watching a tv movie. Hardly ever do that, but it was a super good one and I wound up just chilling out.

    Nice that DH is on his way home.

  4. Sometimes you just need a break - and you did manage a few stitches.

  5. I think we all have times like that! Probably best not to stitch when they happen. And like Bea says, you managed a few stitches!
    Hope you are rested!


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