Friday, August 10, 2012


So it looks like I will be stitching up a storm come Wednesday. It seems that every time my Husband and FIL are gone I stitch a lot. So I guess this is a good thing. Maybe I'll finish Nicola's stocking yeah!! I wanna make some yummy cookies too. Have know idea why but I'm in the baking mood. That is not good when I gained 3 of the 5 lbs I lost back on my trip. Oh well I say, I will try to loose it all again just not this week I guess. I am actually looking forward to having the house to myself for a bit. If you wanna come visit just give me a call. I'm sure I'll be here (after work that is). Last night I stretched my cirques de circles and they have some spots ( I think finger prick). So after trying with no hope of getting them out I think now I need to get a mat to cover up the excess fabric it sucks! I hope it still looks ok with a mat though. I know some stitchers do not frame without one no matter what but me it all depends on the pattern weather I use one. Do you always use matting? Why? Just curious maybe you will sway me lol.
I also have planned to use the briwax on the boxes I have for Blackbird design Casting a spell. I am hoping to at least have the box ready and the mat boards for them done. I heard they stitch up quick so I will have everything done beforehand I think, then just stitch them.

I still have to finish the snowman too so that's on my list. I really wanted to start my chatelaine Alpine Gardens this summer but that I sadly think is not going to happen. I still have my January Fairy and Inspiration on my UFO list to complete too.
Anyways I have rambled on enough off to finish my book and sleep
nite all

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  1. Tammy girl! You got me giggling while I was reading your blog this time. I have things that I've wanted to get done before spring,,,,,,of this year, which are still waiting for me to start! Things that I wanted to get framed for this summer. Done but still not framed. Things I wanted to make into little pillows which still aren't made into pillows and more charts to start than I'll ever get to probably. LOL. I still haven't talked myself out of ordering more charts that I see and love though!
    Check with everyone over on 123 Stitch as for the specks of blood on the piece you want to frame. Leave a message on the message board and I bet someone over there will know how to get that out. Label the post something like, "Help needed to remove blood".
    Matting. It depends on the design as you said. If the piece has a border all around it, I tend to go without a mat.
    You enjoy the time alone over the next few days. I love my sweet hubby to death, but I know how you feel about enjoying the time.
    Continue with your great blog.


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