Friday, September 21, 2012

Just a suggestion

If you are deciding to do or are stitching casting a spell by blackbird designs. Do not use briwax. It is not simple. Just use a reg matte sealer. What a Pain and I really didn't get  the look I was trying to acheive. I have to do some clean up too. Ugh these boxes will never be ready... I haven't started the stitching yet cause I wanted them all ready to go first. I have two that I'm finishing cause one is for Trina at stitching oz the box was part of her bday gift in January. Oh my its been a while. That reminds of a teddybear too :) .this year just keeps on flying by. It dose not care, no matter how much we complain about time moving too fast. Soon my little boy will only have two months to go till his first birthday and that means three months till Christmas. Oh dear....

Dreaming of x's and praying for good news

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  1. I've got this one to do too ... and after seeing the price of briwax over here have decided against it too for different reasons .. shhhhh re Christmas .. not even got Halloween stuff done .. love mouse xxxx


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