Sunday, November 25, 2012

My 1 Year Old Birthday Boy

Today at 9:09 pm will mark the end of the first year that my biggest dream came true. It changed my husband & my life forever in the Best way. Nicola has been sunshine in our struggles this year. Has made us laugh to tears and cry along with him too. I have learned how to be a mom and how a little baby can make you love like you have never loved before. You realize that the little things do not matter and how precious it is to watch your baby grow day to day. Now to go into the toddler years of exploring, learning and getting into trouble lol. I can't wait!!
THEN- 1 hour old
NOW- 1 year old

my tigger creation, turned out pretty well I think!

here is a link to more pictures if you are interested



  1. Happy Birthday to the birthday boy! What a sweetie! I made a Tigger cake for my boys 1st birthday too. Yours turned out fabulous!

  2. Happy Birthday to your son!! Enjoy every moment ~ they grow so fast!

  3. Happy Birthday Nicola .
    Love the cakes .XXX


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