Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mail whoohoo

Just got the pattern one of the ladies were giveing awY on her blog in the mail. Sorry dnot have your blog name  handy with the computer  being packed.  So excited and glad it came before the move tomorrow.  Also got bday card from Nicola's godparents,  gift from baby bday exchange,  and my bell box to return the pvr machine. Oh yah yesterday got my December and January's cottage and some material for them in the mail from 123 stitch.  I luv that place!y virtual shop. Anyways tomorrow os gping to be a hard day as the moving truck is here and there is still stuff to be packed and reality is going to set in really fast like a kick in the buttocks.  Ill let you know how it goes staying at a hotel tomorrow night.


  1. Good luck on the move! I hope it goes smoothly and you are at home in your new place in no time. Happy birthday to Nicola!

  2. go safely and don't forget to SMILE...


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